Our Coffee Products

Eighty Six Coffee is one of the most trusted coffee suppliers in Calgary. We have our line of coffee roasts that clients can choose from. Light, medium, or dark—we got it! We also have specialty roasts exclusively created for clients wanting a blend of different beans from all over the world.

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Brewed at the right temperature, time, and volume of coffee beans.

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Packed with coffee goodness for the coffee-loving palette.

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Coffee perfection in a cup.

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Our Coffee is For You

Eighty Six Roasting and Coffee Supplies are for coffee aficionados and regular "joes" whose days begin with a hot cuppa. We are everywhere coffee is an indispensable perk and a must-have: hotels, churches, offices, universities, leisure places…the list keeps going.


Coffee is a staple of cafés, which means not only should it be a good cup of coffee, it must be high-quality, bringing a sigh of great satisfaction to your customer. Choosing us, a local roaster with specialized profiles and a full range of products can help your café bring your customers a delicious, invigorating, and deeply satisfying coffee experience.



Coffee is always on the menu of any restaurant. It is often the drink of choice to end a perfect meal and makes desserts more enjoyable! Choosing coffee experts like us ensures that diners who order coffee at your restaurant will enjoy the experience and leave a lasting impression of brewed coffee perfection.



Eighty Six Roasting supplies hotels with various coffee options sourced from around the world. We provide great-tasting coffee in in-room stations, cafés, and banquet services.



Great coffee that your office will rave about! Leave your coffee supplies to us and marvel at how your staff perks up at the sight of our coffee machine at work, brewing the most delicious coffee in the office break room.

We can't wait to make your perfect brew!

Our Delivery Process

At Eighty Six Coffee, we have a quick and easy three-step process for getting your coffee orders to you.

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Online Ordering.

Place an order and provide

complete details.

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Once everything is settled,

we pack your orders


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Receive your order within 1– 2 days,

depending on your location

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's Get Brewing!

Any questions? Give us a call and let’s have a chat over coffee.