Our Programs

Clients from Eighty Six Coffee come from different business backgrounds. That's why we've designed programs that work within their specific needs to serve them better.

How Our Programs Work

We have pre-designed programs that you can choose depending on the type of business you're in. We have carefully researched which products and services go in these programs so that you get the maximum benefits of your partnership with us.

You can participate in our programs as is, but if you want more programs not included in the current ones, you can add them to your choices.

Roasted coffee beans are ground in a coffee grinder.

What's In It For You?

You get the complete package to start your business with any of our pre-designed programs. This is especially helpful for small businesses that want to start their line of coffee or teas. It’s like having your roastery without having your roastery!

You can even customize your program packages and have unlimited add-ons to your chosen program. You can get them for your business as long as we offer the product or service you want.

For Cafés

Find everything you need on our pre-designed programs for your café.

Program- For cafes
A empty cafe restaurant

For Restaurants

Make your diners come back for more with our restaurant programs.

For Hotels

Make your hotel the staycation of choice with our pre-designed hotel programs.

A tray with cup of coffee and bread
Surfing on the web while drinking coffee

For Offices

Your staff can look forward to better days at work (yep, even overtime) with our pre-designed office programs.


Other Programs

If your business isn't listed above, let us know! We’ll quickly get back to you over coffee or tea.