Our Supplies

Here’s an overview of all the coffee, tea, machinery and beverage-related products that we offer. Rest assured that all our products are fresh and have the highest possible quality.


As one of the top coffee suppliers in Calgary, we’ve developed a standard line of coffee roasts catering to your tastes. We also customize these roasts upon request. If you've something more specific, let us know. We'll happily make them for you.

Coffee machine


Yes, Eighty Six Coffee is also a tea supplier in the Calgary area! If you’re not such a fan of coffee or are looking to expand your business, you might want to give our non-coffee products a try. They’re just as good as our coffee!


Yes, Eighty Six Coffee is about versatility in our products. If you're looking to expand your business, give our beverage offerings a try! They’re just as good as our coffee and tea!

Ice tea with lemon, peach and mint on a white background

Coffee Supplies

Looking for beverage-related supplies in Calgary? We have cleaning supplies and machine accessories for your coffee equipment. We also offer coffee cups and stirrers with your preferred branding—perfect for to-go orders!

Barista dispensing a cup of coffee
A coffee machine dispensing a coffee


Eighty Six Coffee also offers commercial coffee machines in Calgary. We’ve also tried and tested these products ourselves. Trust us, we know what we’re selling.

Our Programs

Eighty Six Coffee has different programs for cafes, restaurants, golf courses, hotels, and offices. Check them out to discover the services we offer.