Coffee, tea, and other yummy beverage brands like Smart Fruit, Pacific Fruits, Eska, and other coffee complements are what we do best. We do it all in the service of elevating the coffee and tea experience.

You can count on Eighty Six Coffee to expand your beverage menu and be your beverage supplier. We have what you need to make great-tasting, deeply satisfying, and irresistible cups of beverages in Calgary.

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All the goodness of coffee beans, coffee complements, tea leaves, and tea botanicals.

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Brewed to perfection.

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Savour and enjoy your beverage experience.

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Our Products



“The Best Canadian Natural Spring Water” Eska Spring Water is naturally filtered as it gently flows through Canadian glacial sediments. A filtration system with zero human intervention that gives Eska its pure, land-crafted taste.


Pacific Foods

We supply Pacific Foods' Barista Series, including Oat, Almond, Coconut, and Soy non-dairy alternatives. This range is crafted for optimal barista performance in coffee beverages.

Say When

Say When Authentic Chai

Every batch of Say When Authentic Chai incorporates an array of whole spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, turmeric, and ginger, combined with organic teas and natural sweeteners, all blended with the pure water from the mountains of British Columbia.


Smart Fruit

Smoothies & Refreshers Smartfruit 100% crushed whole fruit smoothies are made with real, ripe fruits and vegetables to deliver creative flavour combinations inspired by nature. No added sugar or artificial colors or sweeteners.


Aiya Matcha

Aiya harvests in the exclusive Nishio region of Japan. The highest quality Matcha grown on earth since the 1200s. Shade grown, hand-harvested, and only select leaves. You can experience true Matcha tea flavour! Only real, natural ingredients which contain no added preservatives, chemicals or sugar. Oh yeah, it also tastes awesome!


Monin Sauces + Syrups

Introduce exquisite tastes to your establishment with Monin Sauces + Syrups. Elevate beverages everywhere with their extensive selection of gourmet syrups and sauces.

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We're Making Delicious, Globally-Sourced Coffee, Tea, And Other Beverages For You

Our coffee, teas, and add-ons are for those like you looking for an elevated beverage experience. We supply these for cafés and restaurants in Calgary. Expect to enjoy our coffee and caffeine-free offerings with your favourite add-ons in a café or restaurant near you as we expand our partnerships in Calgary.


Coffee, tea, and other favourite beverages are a staple of cafés, which means not only should it be a good cup of these, it must be high-quality, bringing a sigh of great satisfaction to your customer. Choosing us, a local roaster with specialized profiles and a full range of products can help your café bring your customers a delicious, invigorating, and deeply satisfying beverage experience.


Coffee, tea, and other favourite beverages are always on the menu of any restaurant. They're often the drinks of choice to end a perfect meal and make desserts more enjoyable! Choosing beverage experts like us ensures that diners who order beverages at your restaurant will enjoy the experience and leave a lasting impression of brewed beverage perfection.


Eighty Six Roasting supplies hotels with various coffee, tea, and other beverage options sourced from around the world. We provide great-tasting beverages in in-room stations, cafés, and banquet services.


Great beverage selections that your office will rave about! Leave your beverage supplies to us and marvel at how your staff perks up at the sight of our machines at work, brewing the most delicious beverage choices at the office.

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At Eighty Six Coffee, we have a quick and easy three-step process for getting your coffee, tea, and other beverage orders to you.

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Our Programs

Eighty Six Coffee has different programs for cafés, restaurants, hotels, and offices. Discover our coffee, tea, and other beverage selections and the services we offer.