Who is Eighty Six Coffee?

Get to know our company's history and what we do

Eighty Six Coffee is a new business that provides high-quality, full-service distribution of coffee, specialty beverages and beverage-related supplies. We offer our services to cafes, restaurants, hotels, churches and offices throughout the Calgary, Canmore, and Banff markets.

Eighty Six Coffee is owned by Chad Salyn and Geoffrey Miller. Our combined experience brings a focus on customer service, product quality, sales/distribution, and over 30 years in hospitality management.

We work towards continuously improving our products and services so that they could meet (and exceed) our client’s expectations. While we take pride in our coffee roasts, we do understand that some of our clients could be looking for something more specific to their tastes. That’s why we also offer custom roasts to make sure that we always deliver.

Our main goal is to develop a partnership with our clients. And it’s more than just being there when there are problems with the products or machines that we provide. We regularly check in with our clients to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

Eighty Six Coffee was established to address the need for high-quality customer service in the current market. We always make sure to give premium products and services every single time.





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What Makes Us Unique?

One thing we've noticed is that a lot of people set up their coffee machines and then leave them as is, assuming that they will always deliver the same quality each time. But that's not always the case - the machines change calibration from time to time. And need to be adjusted accordingly.

We at Eighty Six Coffee make sure that the machine is calibrated to be brewing at the right temperature, time, volume and palette. At the end of the day, it comes down to tasting products constantly.

We check that the coffee tastes the way our clients want it. It's not just about selling the coffee and showing up whenever our clients have an issue. We offer regular site visits and tests to ensure quality control.

This process is twofold: it keeps the machines running smoothly, and it keeps the quality of the product that we're supplying them at its best. We always want our clients to keep the best-tasting product available.

And on top of that, we offer them upsell opportunities within their business. It could be in the form of add-ons, non-dairy alternatives, matcha powders, and higher-quality flavoured syrups that can be used for drinks.

As we said, this is more than a business transaction. It's a partnership. Our main goal is to grow our business together with our clients.

What defines our identify?

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We walk our clients through the whole process and make sure they understand what they're getting when they partner with us.

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We maintain a strong relationship with our clients and ensure that we deliver high-quality customer service every time.

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Premium Quality

We work towards perfecting our products so that we can always give our clients the best quality service which they can, in turn, give to their customer.

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We always aim to give our clients the best experience whenever they work  with us--we go above and beyond to help their business grow.